Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Me Grow Mustache - Week 4 - Final entry

Yep, that's all folks. No more mustache for mr.hustle. After four weeks, this is all I could muster. I hated pretty much every second of it. I caught myself doing this thing where I would dip my upper lip into my mouth and get whatever liquid was left from a beverage after sipping or as just a random act that was to acknowledge the fact that I had a weird growth on my upper lip every now and again and even now as I write this I find myself doing it once in a while even though there is no hair there. gross. but I find myself missing the mustache for some reason. I mean, it didn't really look good, but it was a part of me for a whole month. it's kind of like when amputees say their leg hurts even though it was cut off. not at all like that actually, but kind of a little bit maybe. either way, i no longer harbor hair on my upper lip and it feels fucking great. thank you to everyone who showed their support in one way or another. due to your kindness, I was able to raise $1071.21 for prostate cancer and testicular cancer research! I think that is pretty amazing as the majority of my friends who helped me out in this have entry level or second tier jobs that don't provide them with enough cash to be frivolous yet you found it in your hearts to help out. it meant and still means a lot. maybe some of you will join me next MOvember and together we can raise even more money and awareness.

oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we took our family christmas card picture on Thanksgiving while I still had the mustache, so everyone my mom sends it to, which is nearly 250 people, will see this:
my mom has been describing the mustache as a "worm on my upper lip" and she says that when the photo is shrunken down to 4x6, you can't see him. thanks mom.

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