Sunday, May 30, 2010

photos from a while back

The following are some photographs I took about 4 years ago on a trip to Baja. I recently developed a roll of film I found when I was cleaning things up to move and had them converted to be put on a cd. These are a few of the shots I took and to be perfectly honest, was really impressed. I am not trying to say that I am an awesome photographer, but I felt like these came out really well. They also reminded me of the trip I took down there and how fucking incredible it was. I went with the girl I was dating at the time and we drove from San Francisco all the way down to about 80 miles north of Loreto. Some of the photographs brought back stories I haven't told in a while. One in particular revolves around the gentleman in the wet suit, holding a grip of octopi in one hand and a diving bag with even more octopi in the other. We went to the beach one day because I wanted to fishing. We got a guide and I told him we wanted to go fishing and diving and he was all about it. We went out with him and his friend, the diver, and got out to this one area and stopped. The dude hopped out of the boat with this long narrow pitchfork spear device, an empty milk carton as an indicator, and an empty diving bag. He started swimming around and we took off and cruised for about 20 more minutes, well away from the diver, and finally stopped. The guide explained that the fishing wasn't very good, but we could dive for some queen clams instead. obviously I had no other option, so he showed me what they looked like and he and I ended up diving for clams for about 20 minutes. it was pretty fucking rad. after that we went to this other spot and he pulled out his spear gun and i grabbed my Hawaiian sling and we went spear fishing. I got a trigger fish, and he got a ton of reef fish. Finally, we get back in the boat and got ready to head back in. At this point, it had been about 2 hours since we'd dropped off the other dude. We finally got back to the spot near where we'd dropped him and he was still diving and spearing for octopus. The picture I took was of him just after he got back on the boat. (longest caption ever)