Monday, July 21, 2008

French Press

So I just purchased this delightful toy yesterday and am already at the point where the experiments to discover the perfect cup are through. Upon purchase, I immediately drove home and began the process of grinding to different textures and tasting each one. This morning I drank two presses full because I could not stop myself. I could not stop drinking this delicious coffee. I am actually fairly certain that my days of drip are done. So much flavor is delivered with each sip it makes my taste buds dance. That might also be due to the amazingly delicious and magical coffee beans I am currently infatuated with (see my yelp review), purchased at nowhere other than the Blue Bottle Coffee Company. The combination of a french press and Giant Steps beans has made for the thickest, most perfectly black cup of joe that I cannot stop. Yes, I am an amateur when it comes to handling my coffee. If I have more than 2 cups in a row I am going to get a little excited. I might even break into a little dance to whatever music is on. Hell, I might even start rapping about the cup I just enjoyed and how I should probably just sit down and chill out, but you know what? I won't.

As for the company that makes this beacon of brilliance, they are international. Bodum makes a ton of different kitchen necessities such as coffee presses and glassware, among many other items of which I can only dream are as useful and beautiful as the products I already possess of theirs. My first foray into the world of Bodum was with these glasses that have a space between the liquid and the outer shell in which you grasp the glass. This works incredibly well for keeping iced drinks, such as the scotch I enjoy from time to time, incredibly cold. I have yet to experiment with warmer beverages, but I would assume it can have the same effect and keep your hand at a comfortable temperature. Very convenient. They also look good.

You can check out Bodum by clicking on the name and you can check out Blue Bottle by clicking on their name. Enjoi.

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