Monday, June 02, 2008

For Pat

So of course I take a hiatus of almost 2 months without warning. I lack consistency in the majority of what I do outside of my job. But by being so consistently inconsistent, I am in fact being consistent with myself. Right? What a joke of an argument that would make. Currently, I am 2 weeks away from summer, which could not come any earlier. The last day of school I drive to Lake Tahoe for one of my best friends' bachelor parties. I was playing poker a few weeks ago with the majority of guys attending where I was given the explicit instructions of finding "dirty, dirty, double dildo drivin' strippers" for Saturday night. To be honest, I haven't started my research yet, but I am pretty sure I will not have a problem finding that because we are about 5 miles from the Nevada border and we all know how Nevada gets down. There were many other adjectives thrown in during that description, but I feel as if these embrace the essence of it.

Upon returning from this venture, I will be flying to Alaska to go fly fishing for 10 days, which will possibly be the best 10 days of 2008. I'll be in Dillingham, which has a population of less than 300, and go from there out into the wilderness. I'll be fishing for trout, salmon, char, and a mess of others with my brother and dad.

Once I return from that trip, I will be driving down to Santa Barbara for a wedding in which I am a groomsman (number 2 in 4 months). This time, I will only be renting one hotel room. The last wedding had some unexplained phenomena where I ended up with a second room and this will not, I repeat WILL NOT happen ever again.

I have July off pretty much after that so my plan is to either take a solo road trip to the south, or just fly out to New York and sleep around for a week or so. we'll see what happens.

I don't know how this turned into my summer plans, but it did and you have to like it. my plan for real this summer is to drink more than I did in college. And by that I mean over the next 3 months I intend to drink more than I did in my 4 years combined. And lose 20 pounds. and run in a half marathon. and begin writing more often. and become a better teacher. and develop new curriculum that will meet the needs of all learners through differentiated instruction.

As for this fucking blog, I don't know what to do. I want to keep it up and actually be proud of it, but I am writing so sparsely that it is kind of pathetic.

Go Giants.

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