Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Jonathan Sanchez

Tonight was one of the best games of baseball I have been to in a long time. At first it was hard for me, returning the house that Bonds built without Bonds, but once I saw Sanchez throwin heat, striking out 10 hitter from the Padres, I started to think about the future of Giants baseball. and I smiled. I have thought a lot about the Giants this year and made some harsh judgments based on what I've seen. It's a very different team now than what I've been used to for the past 20 years I've been watching, but it could actually be moving a positive direction. With a young pitching staff and some younger position players that can only improve, I think this year is going to not only be fun, but educational too. I have to say I was pretty bummed when I looked around me and saw barely anybody there. for a place that routinely sold out games and had 40,000 plus fans in it, there were only 30,000 in attendance and it was obvious. The bleachers were lacking, the upper deck was practically clear, and there were a ton of fucking yuppies with lap tops computers in the club section. While it upsets me a bit to see a reduction in the number of fans in attendance to the first home series of the season, I also think that this is a time when you see the real fans of the Giants coming out to the park. I like the real fans. go giants.

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